Texas Power to Choose

Texas’s power to choose is a testament to our state’s pioneering spirit and commitment to individual agency. The power to choose allows consumers to align their electricity choices with their values, needs, and financial goals. It is a powerful tool that continues to shape a new energy market that is more sustainable and consumer-centric.More info:powertochoose.org

After deregulation, customers have the ability to choose their own Retail Electricity Providers. This is a great opportunity to promote competition and can lead to better rates for the customer. However, this option is not available to all Texans. Those served by municipal electric utilities or electric cooperatives are not allowed to participate in the deregulated market. Those living in those areas should check the website of their local utility to determine if they have a choice of electricity providers.

The Role of Competition in Driving Innovation in Texas Energy

The Power to Choose website provides a comprehensive list of retail energy providers that offer their services in the deregulated markets of Texas. This makes it easy for consumers to compare all their local options in one place and find the best plan benefits and low electricity rates.

When searching for the right electricity provider, it is important to consider the contract terms and any termination fees that may apply. Most fixed-rate plans also have a specified term length, which can be important to keep in mind. Another helpful tool is the Industry Scorecard, which provides a snapshot of each REP’s performance in comparison with others.

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