Supporting SEMH Behaviour in Schools

Children and young people with semh behaviour often have a difficult time following classroom rules, engaging in academic tasks or staying focused on learning activities. Their difficulties can make it hard to build relationships and develop a sense of belonging in school. Their behaviour may be disruptive to the learning environment and lead to disciplinary actions, which can further impact their academic performance.

Addressing SEMH Needs: Effective Approaches and Interventions

Their difficulties can be a result of poor emotional regulation and socialisation, or can be related to the occurrence of trauma or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). These challenges can affect an individual’s motivation to learn, leading to gaps in their educational attainment.

Schools need to foster a culture of inclusion, supporting their students with SEMH needs. Staff training, awareness programmes and clear policies will help schools understand the complexity of semh behaviour and how it can be responded to effectively.

Educators can explore the root cause of semh behaviour by using a variety of assessment tools, such as Boxall Profile or Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. It’s also important that they use an interactional approach to analysing a student’s behaviour and consider how internal and external factors are influencing the student’s response. This helps them to identify the underlying unmet need, which can then be addressed with an appropriate intervention plan. It is also vital that teachers work in partnership with support agencies, such as child and adolescent mental health services, who can provide further expert guidance.

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