Seeds Here Now and Neptune Seed Bank

Self-described as the largest stockist of cannabis seeds in America, Neptune Seed Bank offers a dizzying variety of cultivars and a massive roster of breeders. From ultra-hyped Kush Mints crosses by Seed Junky Genetics to MAC1-dominant cultivars by Dungeons Vault Genetics, the catalog spans established influencers and up-and-coming players with far-reaching reach.

Why does everyone grow Stardawg?

While Neptune’s prices aren’t always the cheapest, they’re often the most competitive, and their sheer volume makes them an indispensable resource for times when retailers that offer more aggressive discounts sell out of the specific strain you’re after.

Another US-based seedsherenow auction broker with a reputation for world-class quality, Seeds Here Now offers a wide selection of hybrids and cultivars designed to suit growers of all experience levels and tastes.

Their catalogue is complemented by a rewards program, fast shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee. Payment options include Mastercard, international money orders in USD or Euros, and personal checks. Shipping is free on all orders. Seeds Here Now also supports the community through an emergency fund for growers in need. For these reasons and more, Seeds Here Now is one of the best places to buy seeds online.

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