School Playground Toys

school playground toys

School playground toys are a vital part of children’s play, helping kids release energy in ways that help them focus more effectively at school. Whether they’re climbing, riding a slide or using plush creatures for dramatic play, kids need to release mental and physical stress in safe spaces that offer them opportunities for growth. School Specialty has a wide selection of school playground equipment that helps students of all ages relieve stress while also improving their physical and social skills. This link

Playground equipment for elementary schools needs to be both fun and challenging, allowing kids to grow physically from their school days. They need to build upper body strength by climbing and swinging while developing fine motor skills with movements that improve their balance, coordination and sequencing. Some of our most popular pieces are freestanding monkey bars that allow kids to move vertically as they climb, ring climbers and horizontal ladders for arm exercises and spring riders, which let kids jump and ride their favorite animal or bug.

Playground Toys for Physical Fitness: Encouraging Active Lifestyles in Students

Kids also need to develop mentally, which is why mazes and traditional playground marking games encourage creative thinking. Many of these items are great for fostering teamwork, too. Our spinners, including merry-go-rounds, let kids rotate individually or in groups, which promotes interaction with friends and allows them to learn about motion and rhythm. They can also get a workout by pumping their legs while spinning themselves on seesaws and motion riders, which will further increase their balance, coordination and sequencing skills as they hold onto handles for control.

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