Radon Remediation Cost

radon remediation cost


The overall radon remediation cost depends on several factors. The type of construction of the home also influences the type of system used to solve the problem. The consultation will also help determine the best system strategy for your home. The two most common solutions are sub-slab depressurization and sub-membrane ventilation. Each option comes with different costs. However, both methods can reduce the radon concentration in a home.

The cost of a radon mitigation system

The cost effectiveness of radon mitigation interventions is dependent on the avertance of lung cancer and the discount rate used. The cost of remediation depends on the risk of lung cancer and the proportion of homes that exceed the action level. NICE recommends a 3.5% discount rate for costs and outcomes, with the cost per QALY rising to PS36 100 at a discount rate of 3.5%. If the remediation level is low, the overall cost is reduced by about half.

There is a wide range of radon remediation costs. For example, remediation is effective if the action level is above the maximum value, which is 200 Bq/m3. However, lowering the action level to 100 Bq/m3 would improve cost effectiveness and bring it under PS30 000. Cost effectiveness is improved when a greater proportion of households opt for remediation. Better advice and support could make the process more appealing to homeowners, thereby reducing the overall cost of the remediation process.

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