Quebec Marijuana Sales

Quebec Marijuana Sales

Quebec Marijuana Sales

Quebec Marijuana Sales  Manitoba and New Brunswick, where provincial agencies handle wholesale wholesaling, the Quebec government plans to have a single distributor monopolize cannabis sales through the Societe des alcools du Québec (SAQ). This centralization may help exclude black-market products and support tax collection. However, it will also make it less convenient for consumers to purchase cannabis. Alcohol is sold in over 400 SAQ stores and served in countless brasseries and restaurants. Cannabis will only be available online and in 15 outlets.

SQDC officials have been monitoring illegal websites that sell cannabis to keep tabs on trends and try to take market share away from illicit sellers. They also seek to balance consumer demand for product variety with the need for rigorous safety and quality standards.

La Belle Herb: Navigating the Green Wave of Marijuana Sales in Quebec

Despite these challenges, SQDC has been doing “a really good job” overall within its limitations, Timperio said. The retailer is able to pay producers quickly for orders, has a well-organized logistics operation and is operating efficiently, he said.

In addition, SQDC has invested heavily in public education and awareness campaigns to educate consumers about the health risks of marijuana use and how to avoid them. It is a “fantastic model” that has drawn attention from business leaders in other countries, he said. In fact, he recently hosted officials from France, Germany and New York state who wanted to learn more about the Quebec system. But there are some areas where SQDC could improve, such as expanding the number of stores, he added.

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