Nail Art Techniques for Solid Color Nail Designs

While many people prefer to rock a monochrome look, there are tons of ways you can add solid color nail designs to a solid manicure. Glitter, beads and rhinestones are common additions to monochrome nails, but you can also use a nail art technique known as negative space. Negative space is the process of painting a design or pattern over half of a nail’s worth of blank space. This style can be as simple as a few squiggle lines or more complex, like this floral design from nail artist Anna Bahn. She used a few different holographic polish shades—What Do You Pink?, High Tea Hibiscus and Laven-Duh—to create this springy floral mani.

Elevate Your Look with Chic Solid Color Nail Designs

Another great way to use negative space is to paint a solid color over it, then add 3D elements. Nail artist Miss Pop took this idea to the next level with these double-take-worthy 3D nail designs. To get the look, she started with a base and first color coat of her favorite shade and then created shapes and lines on top using the side of a disposable foam eye shadow applicator. The result is a tactile, psychedelic look.

While it may not be the most practical look, this rubber ducky nail design is perfect for August, when we’re all ready for the summer to end and fall to start. And if you want to wear this fun nail trend year-round, you can always opt for a neutral palette and paint the rubber ducks at varying heights for a fun variation.

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