Mobile Home Repair Tips

Mobile Home Repair Tips

Mobile Home Repair Tips

Mobile Home Repair Tips  provide great conveniences, they must be maintained and repaired regularly. Just like any other home, they need to be inspected for problems that can affect a home’s value and safety. Having the right knowledge and tools can make certain mobile home repairs much easier to do yourself.

Plumbing – The most important Mobile Home Repair Advice are those related to the plumbing. Cracked pipes, leaks and broken toilets should all be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage or water loss. If the repair involves repiping or requires replacement of a section of pipe, professional help will be needed. A plumber that has experience with working on mobile home plumbing will be best able to assist with these types of repairs.

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Flooring – It is imperative to inspect the floor of any mobile home, especially older ones. Soft spots in the floor are a sign of a subfloor that must be replaced. Adding a layer of plywood can help strengthen the subfloor and add support to the home’s structure.

Roof – The roof of a mobile home needs to be inspected at least twice per year. This is because the flat roof tends to collect snow, rain and debris faster than a slanted roof. The roof also requires proper ventilation to keep excess moisture and pests out of the home.

Seals – Check all of the seals around windows, vents and other fixtures in a mobile home. These can become damaged by extreme temperatures and lead to air flow and higher energy costs. The most common seals that are affected are those around the windows, but it is also a good idea to check other areas of the home for damaged or broken seals.

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