Looking For a Childcare Centre in Auburn Vic?

If you’re looking for a childcare centre in Auburn, Victoria, then look no further. The Kindergarten and Child Care Centre in Hawthorn East is a great choice in the area. They have separate rooms for the young children in the 0-2 age group, as well as separate rooms for the older kids. The indoor spaces are light-filled and equipped with a variety of natural materials and resources. The outside play areas are equally as large and include cubby houses, climbing equipment, soft-fall animals and lots of space to move around. Find out – https://littlegiants.edu.au/little-giants-auburn/

The Ugly Truth About Looking For A Childcare Centre In Auburn Vic?

This Auburn Montessori Academy features a preschool program that is perfect for children aged 3-6 years old. The preschool curriculum allows children to follow their interests and progress at their own pace. The children progress through the four key areas of knowledge, Practical Life, Sensorial and Language. The preschoolers also participate in the School Readiness Program that targets core academic competencies and school readiness skills to ensure that they are well-prepared for primary school.

The preschool program at Auburn Montessori Academy is designed to meet the unique needs of children. They learn through choice and follow their own interests. They build on their foundation of practical life and development through advanced Montessori materials. In addition, their knowledge of Language, Mathematics, and Language will continue to increase. The preschoolers also engage in a School Readiness Program which focuses on school readiness skills and core academic competencies. This ensures that they are prepared to transition successfully to any primary school environment.

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