Is Taweez Allowed In Islam?

Is Taweez Allowed In Islam

Is Taweez Allowed In Islam?

Is Taweez Allowed In Islam? (ta’wiz) are a type of amulet that contain words and verses from the Qur’an. They are worn on the body for warding off evil spirits and to bring about benefits in life. They can be in the form of paper, stone, wood or any other material.

Some ta’wiz have the names and attributes of Allah written on them while others do not. In both cases, it is permissible to wear them as long as the following conditions are met:

The name of Allah is written on the ta’wiz; It is in Arabic and does not have any other meaning other than the one inscribed in it. It is not a talisman; The user does not believe that the words have any power in themselves, but are empowered by Allah to do so.

Understanding the Use of Taweez in Sufi Practices

In addition to these, the ta’wiz should be in good quality, and not made from tin or other toxic materials. It should also be well engraved so that it is not easy to remove from the skin without a lot of effort.

It is also a good idea to consult with an Islamic scholar about the type of ta’wiz you are interested in purchasing. They can help you choose the best ta’wiz that will be most beneficial to you.

According to many scholars, ta’wiz that only contain words from the Qur’an or the names and attributes of Allah SWT are permissible. However, there is still a difference of opinion as to whether it is acceptable to hang such amulets up. Some of the scholars have said that they are haram and should not be hanged up while other scholars say that it is a matter of taste and it is permissible.

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