Illinois Beaches

Whether you are looking to take an easy swim in the refreshing waters or go for a run on the sandy waterfront, Illinois beaches offer something for everyone. There are plenty of options from pristine, open water beaches to family-friendly, shaded beach areas with all the amenities you could desire.

What is the number 1 beach in Chicago?

Ohio Street Beaches in Illinois , a Chicago city beach in the Streeterville neighborhood, is a popular site for open-water swimming from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The beach offers lifeguards and ADA-accessible features.

The city’s second largest beach, Foster Beach, is a lakefront park located within the Edgewater neighborhood next to Lincoln Park. The highlight of the beach is the 2,750-square-foot silver LEED-certified house, which is one-of-a-kind in the Windy City. While the weekends at Foster Beach can get crowded, during the week this is a peaceful beach to swim, relax and stretch out on the sand.

If you want to experience a quieter beach, Calumet Beach is a great place to spend a day in the summer. This lakefront park is home to a large white sandy beach and has a lot of space for you to enjoy a relaxing time. It’s a great spot to bring a picnic and even rent a grill to cook up some steak or fish. You can also walk or bike along the lakefront path and look for wildlife. During the winter, the beach is a good location for ice skating and sledding. In addition, it is a good location to watch the sunset.

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