How to Use Bubblers For Weed

bubblers for weed

Bubblers are a great option for smokers who enjoy on-the-go smoke sessions. They are small and easy to transport, making them a perfect addition to any portable smoking collection. Find out

They also offer water filtration for smoother hits and cooling. Unlike bongs, which require you to find a source of water, bubblers have everything you need built into one glass piece.

How To Use a Bubbler:

First, you need to figure out how much water you want to fill the chamber with. This will depend on the size and shape of your bubbler. Add a small amount and then give it a quick drag to check for any splashes.

Next, pack your weed into the bowl of your bubbler and begin to light it. This will create tons of tiny bubbles that will help to cool and filter the smoke coming out of your weed.

Bubbling Up: How Bubblers Enhance the Smoking Experience and Our Top Picks for Smoking Weed

The bubbles will create a more pleasurable experience, especially if you’re new to smoking weed. The resulting smoke will be more potent and less harsh than you would get from smoking with a regular pipe.

To start, light your weed by putting a finger over the carb hole (if your bubbler has one). Hold the pipe to your mouth and begin pulling in with your lungs as you ignite the bowl of weed. When you have inhaled enough smoke, remove your finger and pass it through the stem to release the remaining smoke. This process should take a few minutes to complete.

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