How to Create Custom Instagram Stickers

custom instagram stickers

Custom instagram stickers are an innovative way to create visual stories that are more interactive and engaging. The Instagram sticker feature offers abundant opportunities to engage your audience and create more personalized content.

Link stickers let you add a clickable URL to your Story, which can be used to direct followers to a website or blog post. These links can be customized, so you can highlight the link name or call out a specific page in the post.

Donate stickers encourage users to donate to a cause of your choosing (within character limits), whether it’s a local charity or one that aligns with your brand values. This can generate user-generated content, increase engagement with your Stories, and help build a connection between you and a community of donors.

Creative Ideas for Custom Instagram Stickers

Hashtag stickers are a great way to connect with more users by adding a clickable hashtag to your Stories. They also give your content a boost by showing up in the search feed of users who have clicked on the hashtag.

Question stickers are a great way to crowdsource ideas and responses from your audience in real time. By default, you can ask a yes or no question, but you can customize the answer choices to create an either/or styled inquiry that lets users choose between two answers.

Emoji slider stickers let users respond to a question with a slider on a scale of 1 to 10 (e.g., “How much do you love our new line compared to last year?”). The results are calculated in real time and are visible to you.

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