Get Flower Power to Improve Your Memory

Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

The smell of flowers is a known trigger for positive emotions and life satisfaction. They also can help improve memory, which is particularly helpful for seniors.

Get Flower Power has a stronger connection to recollection than the other senses, and it has been proven that a person’s mood and happiness are directly correlated with how well they remember certain events or experiences. A recent study at Rutgers University has found that when seniors were given flowers, their memories improved significantly.

Adding flowers to the garden is also a great way to encourage the growth of healthy, vibrant plants. It can also boost pollinator populations, which are essential to the health of our food supply.

 Reasons Why Plants are Essential for a Healthy Home

The majority of women are busy and don’t have time to slow down or relax – and this can throw off their internal balance. Fortunately, boric acid is proven to keep the normal bacteria and yeast in check and promotes the return to healthy vaginal flora.

It’s Time To Feel Like You Again – With A Potent Yeast Infection Treatment From FlowerPower

The precise dose of boric acid in our boric acid suppository is effective at quickly eliminating vaginal itching and odor caused by yeast or bacterial vaginosis. It also helps prevent the development of new infections and itching.

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