Creating Felt Patches

felt patchesFelt patches a cool and creative look to backpacks, uniforms, jackets, and more. Kids love them as a way to express their individuality, and adults like the ease of attaching and removing them as needed. Whether you’re looking to add your company logo or a unique patch with embroidery, felt patches are the perfect way to get the job done!

Creating a patch starts with sketching out the design. Using a pen and paper is easiest for beginners, but even kids can sketch the basic idea of what they want on a patch (tip: number your pieces so you can reassemble later). Use simple designs to start with, such as a two-part BFF heart, fruit slice, favorite emoji, or their first letter of their name.

Textured Tradition: Exploring the Appeal of Felt Patches

Once you’ve drew your design on paper, cut it out and trace it onto felt. Felt has an underlying structure that makes it a little difficult to cut, so be patient and use a sharp pair of scissors. Once you’ve cut your felt, you can begin stitching it. Adding a line of running stitch along the edges is optional, but it helps prevent fraying and makes your patch look more professional.

Adding topstitching is also an option. This is the stitching that makes your felt patch feel more polished and professional, but it’s a technique that requires practice to master. Be sure to use a quality needle that’s suitable for your project, and be sure to press gently when you’re stitching.

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