What Is a Tantra School?

Tantra School was established in 1969 with a mission to initiate people into an authentic path of spiritual growth and renewal. We are dedicated to preserving the pure tradition of Tantra from ignorant people who only know of it through books and DVDs. Through our teachings, we aim to impart a new concept of Tantra to people of all ages, genders, and race, thereby making them aware of the profound truth hidden beneath the surface of popular misconceptions. People who have a desire to embark on the sacred path of Tantra Yoga should enroll themselves in any of the accredited tantra schools across the world, as they will be able to learn the secrets of Tantra Yoga through dedicated and sincere effort. Find out –

How You Can (Do) Tantra Training Online Almost Instantly

We believe that Tantra Yoga is best served through dedicated and sincere practice and study of the ancient tantra techniques, as practiced by a person in his or her own environment. A person cannot fully grasp the essence of Tantra until he or she has personally experienced and observed the powerful effects of these practices first hand. To achieve this, a person should personally attend classes under the guidance of an accomplished tantra master, who can instruct and guide students through the intricacies of this ancient science. The greatest value of a genuine tantra school is that it not only trains its pupils in the ancient rituals and techniques of Tantra Yoga but also promotes a lifestyle of devotion and seclusion, which is essential for experiencing true spiritual growth. Only when a student undergoes this process, will he or she be able to fully comprehend and understand the true meaning of Tantra and how it impacts the modern world.

However, there are many differences between true tantra yoga and conventional forms of yoga. Many people are quick to confuse these two forms of yoga for one another, especially since the principles underlying both are so radically different from each other. However, the primary difference between tantra yoga and ordinary yoga is in the approach of its practitioners to their purpose in life. A true tantra teacher will not seek to please his or her students by teaching them things that they already know because such actions only serve to create a vacuum that will lead to distraction and eventual failure. A true tantra teacher will instead impel his students towards achieving kundalini awakening through a process of profound self-inquiry and exploration – to discovering and understanding their true nature as spiritual beings and their innate relationships with the cosmos and each other.

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