Apply For a Vanquis Credit Card

A vanquis credit card could help you with your finances. They are specially designed for those with a poor credit rating, or no credit history. They allow you to build up a credit score and give you a chance to prove you can manage your account well.

Can I get credit card within 2 days?

The vanquis bank credit card is a credit builder card that may be best suited to those with a poor or no credit history, or who have been turned down for a loan elsewhere. This card gives you the opportunity to demonstrate good financial management, by paying on time and staying within your credit limit.

You start off with an easy-to-manage credit limit of PS150 or PS1,000 depending on your credit history and financial situation. By showing good account management, you can receive a credit limit increase after your fifth statement and every 5 months thereafter, up to a maximum limit of PS4,000.

Customers can access their accounts online 24/7, through the eVanquis app for iPhone and Android. They can also check their balances, statements and payment dates using the management tools available on the website. They can pay their bills, withdraw cash or use contactless for purchases up to PS30.

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