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Pest control service not only cause structural damage to homes and businesses but can also carry dangerous bacteria, viruses and parasites that pose health risks. Many pests can be prevented with a regular schedule of preventative pest control services.

The first step in pest control maintenance involves a thorough inspection of the home by a licensed professional. The professional will look for droppings, nests, damage and other signs of infestation. They may also take samples of the pests for further identification and treatment options.

Tackling Pest Control Challenges in Urban Environments

Insects and other pests can enter the home through cracks, crevices and gaps. The best way to minimize these openings is to keep the home clean and dry. This includes cleaning high-volume areas where crumbs and spills are more likely to accumulate and regularly removing trash from the home. Food should be stored in sealed containers and garbage should be disposed of on a regular basis. Repairing leaky pipes and preventing moisture accumulation are also important.

A pest control technician can use sprays, baits or dusts to reduce the number of pests in the home. When choosing a pest control company, it is a good idea to select one that offers environmentally friendly and safe products. The pest control company should be able to provide information about the product and its safety data sheet.

Regular pest control maintenance can be a lot less expensive than treating for a major infestation like termites or bed bugs. It can also be more effective than waiting until there are obvious problems and then attempting to treat them with a single, expensive service.

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